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If you live in Sudbury, Ontario and want to join The A Team but don't have your PSW certificate, we want to help you!

Our Services

Plan A – your long-term LTC staffing strategy.

Our Services

We are more than a staffing agency. Our staffing strategy is built for long-term growth and sustainability.

Our team of health care professionals is made up of compassionate and experienced Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers in Ontario and Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Residential Care Aides in British Columbia.

Powered by our shift-filling software, StaffStatTM, your solution is just a click away.


Looking for a great way to increase your income, bolster your experience and work on your own schedule?

  • Plan A offers supplemental, casual work to PSWs/RCAs, RPNs/LPNs and RNs who are looking to loan their talent and experience to the long term care sector when they are running short.

  • We have recruited a very experienced and respected team of healthcare professionals who are complementing the way long term care operates.

  • As we continue to grow, we want to inspire as many healthcare professionals as possible to lend their talent to this sector.

We offer extremely competitive rates of pay, flexible scheduling, and a no-guilt policy.

Powered by StaffStatTM, our shift-filling software, our staff essentially create their own schedules by only accepting shifts that work with their primary schedules. The flexibility of scheduling is perfect for students, parents and those who work full-time elsewhere!


  • Bernard Levesque-Au Chateau

    Bernard Levesque-Au Chateau

    HR Manager

    “Au Chateau has utilized the services of Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions since 2013. Sheri and her team are utmost professionals, and they work with us to ensure we are receiving the best possible service. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

  • Laura Halloran

    Laura Halloran

    Administrator, Extendicare Falconbridge

    “Plan A has been servicing Extendicare Falconbridge since 2012. Their hiring practices allow us the confidence in knowing that their staff files meet Ministry Standards, atestament to their recruitment skills and efforts. We value their team and view them as a collaborative partner who adds innovative solutions to staffing in Long-Term Care.”

  • APANS Health Services

    Mary Raithby

    APANS Health Services

    “Plan A has provided excellent PSWs who display clinical expertise, thorough knowledge, and genuine caring and concern for our residents. They are assisting us during our periods of staffing shortages and have added value to our team. Plan A is an innovative model that addresses the specific employment needs of their staff members witha focus on improving care and services for the residents we serve.”

  • Danika Andersen

    Danika Andersen


    “I could not ask for more from this company! I feel highly valued and supported as an employee, I am free to create my own hours, and I am lucky to be engaged in work that is meaningful to me. It is a privilege to work for Plan A!”

  • Paulie Nodecker

    Paulie Nodecker

    Director of Care, Manitoulin Lodge

    “We enjoy having the Plan A staff in our home. My staff said the shifts always go very well, all the work gets completed, the teamwork is great and the work ethic from the Plan A staff is fantastic. Thank you for all of the hard work you do filling our vacancies and making it possible for us to take care of our residents as they so deserve.”

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