Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment is Canada’s long-term long term care staffing strategy. We have a monomaniacal focus on the long term care sector. Our team shares a common vision of excellence. At Plan A, we know how difficult it is to maintain high levels of attentive care across a sector that is in need of qualified staffing. Our reliable and experienced team of PSWs/RCAs, RPNs/LPNs and RNs fill that need with high quality care and professionalism.

We believe that all residents have the right to quality and personalized nursing care. Our team is ready to work with your team to ensure delivery of the highest levels of compassionate care.

Why Plan A?

Our recruitment teams work diligently to hire reliable and experienced health care professionals.

Our thorough 3 step screening and interviewing process guarantees that only the best health care professionals are made available to your organization.

We recruit our staff based on their knowledge, experience, attitude, and work ethic to ensure that our team meets your needs.

We work diligently to ensure that every member of our team adheres to Ministry standards.

Client focused and tailored to suit your needs:

Prior to arrival, we orient our staff with your policies and procedures. They are also trained on your documenting software and electronic MARs before they enter your building.

Scheduling professional health care replacement staff is now at your fingertips with StaffStat, eliminating your staffing shortage stresses.

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Plan A Leadership Team

  • Sheri Tomchick

    Sheri Tomchick


    Sheri Tomchick is one of the North’s leading authorities on methodologies for sustaining our health care system while dealing with an aging population. Combining a mixture of professional experience, strong leadership skills and sound knowledge of problem solving, Sheri works with Long Term Care homes to bring elements of forward thinking, team building and an effective approach to getting things done.

    Sheri is the founder and visionary of both Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions, Inc., the largest health care staffing agency in Northern Ontario, and StaffStat, Inc., a new and innovative software solution making waves across Ontario.

    Sheri approaches every aspect of both of her companies from the vantage point of 15 years of experience in health care through social work, nursing and teaching. Her natural enthusiasm, attention to detail and determination to make only the most qualified and compassionate health care professionals available to her community has become her mission. As a past Director on the board of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce she has made evident her enthusiasm for a strong entrepreneurial base in her city. Sheri also lends her hard working and caring nature as the President of the Sudbury Women’s Centre Board of Directors where she develops mutually beneficial partnerships and engages members and volunteers in productive and impactful work.

    Sheri was the 2014 winner of the Bell Business Excellence award for Entrepreneur of the Year. She won the People’s Choice award at the NORCAT Innovation Mill’s inaugural Pitch event, where she pitched her software, StaffStat. Sheri was also recently acknowledged as the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year at the Influential Women of Northern Ontario Awards.

    She is continuously involved in personal and professional development and enjoys community focused events and volunteer opportunities.

  • Diane Langdon

    Diane Langdon

    Chief Operating Officer

    Through her respectful, constructive and energetic style, our Chief Operating Officer Diane Langdon, provides the necessary leadership and management to help drive our vision and ensure continuous growth, financial strength and operating efficiency.

    Diane has a passion for helping others and is strongly devoted to making a difference in her community. Her commitment is unwavering in ensuring that the vulnerable population that Plan A Long Term Care Staffing and Recruitment serves is cared for with the highest level of care and quality.

    With the aim of gaining a national footprint, Diane also serves as an integral part of the Plan A Franchise team. While also lending her expertise to StaffStat, ensuring seamless operation of this fast-moving software company.

    As an engaged and active leader on various sporting related Boards at the local level, Diane strives to instill leadership, sportsmanship and an overall positive impact across the community as well as for her two sons.

  • Mandy Gauthier

    Mandy Gauthier

    VP of Strategic Partnerships

    Mandy’s passion for the Plan A Model is based on 4 years of work and experience in various roles with both Plan A Long Term Care Staffing and Recruitment and StaffStat. The experience gained from both companies along with the drive to provide an innovative staffing solution to the long-term care sector made the transition to Franchising the next logical step.

    Currently, Mandy works with and supports existing Plan A Franchise owners. In addition, she is the first point of contact for any franchise inquiries, and manages the coordination and training of new Plan A locations. She is intent on developing and growing the Plan A brand and vision throughout Ontario and beyond.

    Mandy is committed to service excellence, holding a high standard for the quality of care delivered to our most vulnerable population.

  • Megan Patrakka

    Megan Patrakka

    VP of Marketing

    In August 2015, Megan joined the Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions Team as the VP of Marketing. Megan is responsible for creating all marketing content within the company—social media, advertising, promotional items, print materials and more.

    Megan has an extensive educational background. She graduated from the Business Administration – Marketing program at Cambrian College, obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lakehead University and is a recent graduate from Cambrian College’s Human Resources post-graduate program.

    Megan’s forward-thinking mindset, innate creativity, and passion for all things marketing make her a great asset to the team; she truly understands the Plan A vision and works diligently to communicate it with our staff, clients, and the community.

  • Cindy Fowler

    Cindy Fowler

    VP of Education

    Cindy fully embraces her role of VP of Education at Plan A Sudbury. She is proud of and stands behind the Plan A Brand. As VP of Education, she is responsible for improving performance, productivity, efficiency, and success through the implementation of effective methods and strategies.

    Cindy can often be found championing the brand while developing, fostering and maintaining strong relationships with healthcare students, healthcare professionals, educational and long-term care partners.

    As a leader of the Plan A team, she encourages by motivation, promotion of self-development and guidance towards the achievement of the team members’ goals. Cindy has a passion for helping others and is devoted to making a difference in her community. Therefore, she is strongly committed to ensuring that the vulnerable population that Plan A services are cared for with the highest level of care and quality.

Plan A Sudbury Team

  • Crystal Leopold Chartrand

    Crystal Leopold Chartrand


    Crystal joined the Plan A team the summer of 2017. She was hired as a Recruiter to help staff our Long-Term Care homes in Greater Sudbury, and surrounding areas, with the best PSWs, RNs, RPNs and nursing students we can find!

    She believes in Plan A’s vision and mission for our Long-Term Care homes. With her magnetic energy, enthusiasm and strong work ethics, she works hard to make sure that our vulnerable population has the proper care that they are entitled too and deserve.

    As a Recruiter, she enjoys meeting new healthcare professionals, connecting with them and hearing their stories. If all goes well there is a good chance a new candidate is the recipient of a hug before they leave her interview.

    Crystal is a huge animal lover and homebody. In her off time, she loves being a mum to her four furry babies and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

  • Terry Butler

    Terry Butler


    Terry joined Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions in March of 2016 as a recruiter and has since moved into the role of Recruiter.

    Terry brings an extensive background of recruitment experience with her. Terry is a veteran recruitment professional with over 15 year’s experience with Reitmans Canada Limited. During Terry’s many years with Reitmans, she honed her skills in the mid and upper management levels. With a strong focus on team building, her active approach to recruiting includes forming long-term relationships with both candidates and clients alike.

    Terry is passionate about helping people and prides herself in recruiting those who share the same values as she does. As a self-professed perfectionist, Terry strives to assemble an efficient and smooth-running team of “A talent” personnel.

  • Jennifer Papke

    Jennifer Papke


    They say the average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life and Jenn is almost there! From a Personal Support Worker to a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship, to sales and finance with a local car dealership, to management of a large chain of jewelry stores, she has found the ideal role with Plan A.

    Her experiences are vast and varied which have all lead her to the perfect position. Through her work as a Personal Support Worker, Jenn understands first-hand the struggles facing long-term care and stands behind the Plan A mission as a solution.

    Jenn's incredible passion to always provide A+ customer service, and never settle for anything less than the best, is why she was hand-picked to join The A-Team as our newest Talent Recruiter.

    Jenn's impeccable attention to detail, honesty, and determination will guarantee that Plan A only hires the absolute best candidates for the job.

  • Kassandra Laderoute

    Kassandra Laderoute


    Kassandra Laderoute joined Plan A Sudbury in March of 2018 as a Recruiter. As the newest member of the team, Kassandra’s strong leadership skills are an asset in promoting the large-scale success of the company.

    Kassandra loves meeting new people and the continuous flow of Plan A interviews is the ideal setting for her to thrive in. Kassandra’s strengths lie in her interpersonal skills, organizational skills, business etiquette and service excellence. As Kassandra works through her day to day recruiting only the best for Plan A Sudbury she does so with a sweet smile, energy and spirit that leaves others feeling empowered. Her previous experiences have prepared her for and allowed her to adapt well to the fast-paced and exciting environment at Plan A.

    Passionate about helping others, Kassandra is proud to be a member of the Plan A team and looks forward to developing strong relationships with her community.

  • Melissa Sawyerr

    Melissa Sawyerr

    Administrative Assistant

    Melissa works as the Administrative Assistant for Plan A. As the "gatekeeper", Melissa is the initial contact for visitors and Plan A field staff. Her strong customer service skills and friendly manner have been an asset to manning the reception area.

    Melissa's background is in the human services field, having worked front-line with homeless populations in the UK and Alberta. Her work history with marginalized populations made working with Plan A a natural choice for Melissa. She believes that everyone has a right to housing and quality care, and is glad to be working in an environment where helping to provide high level of care is the number 1 priority.

    Melissa is proud to be part of the Plan A team, helping to connect compassionate and hard-working frontline staff with LTC homes in Sudbury and area.

Supporting members of:

  • Canadian Franchise Association
  • Sudbury Chamber of Commerce
  • Ontario Long Term Care association
  • Advantage Ontario