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At Plan A we need healthcare providers of all levels to compliment our qualified team and help serve our wide array of clients. If you are looking to bolster your income, gain more experience and lend your talent and expertise to the long-term care sector, then we want to hear from you.

Our ‘A Team’ is continuously growing, and as we grow we also want to inspire as many healthcare professionals to serve the many great clients and vulnerable residents we have in this very unique sector.

Our Roster

At Plan A, we want the best. To ensure that, we follow Ministry standards as well as our own internal experience requirements to make sure every team member is confident when serving in their role.

We need:

Nursing students who have completed the first year of their program and are still enrolled.

Certified Personal Support Workers / Developmental Services Worker

Registered Practical Nurses with one year of work experience

Registered Nurses with one year of work experience

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Disclaimer: All non-Canadian residents must have a minimum of one-year of experience working within Canada in their designation in order to be considered for employment with Plan A Long-Term Care Staffing & Recruitment.

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